Healthy eating for young people in Europe

A school-based nutrition education guide

The guide intends to encourage the further development of nutrition education in European schools. It intends to do this by placing nutrition education within the idea of the health-promoting school and by providing a framework for nutrition education in the health-promoting school. The framework provides objectives for nutrition education for four age groups from 4 to 16 years old under seven topic headings. There are also objectives for the whole school and for work with families and the community. This guide also provides case studies from various countries outlining innovative and interesting ways of doing nutrition education. Ways of evaluating nutrition education in the health-promoting school are suggested and active methods recommended. In addition, supporting material is provided that describes what is happening in Europe in the school system of various countries and in food and eating styles. The guide is divided into four sections: getting started, a description of an guidelines about young people eating and drinking in the European Union, a curriculum framework and putting this into practice.


1. Getting started
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Nutrition education in the health-promoting school
2. Eating and drinking among young people in Europe
2.1 Patterns of eating and drinking across Europe
2.2 Guidelines for healthy eating
3. The curriculum framework
3.1 Introduction
3.2 The curriculum framework
3.3 Overview of the framework
4. Putting it into practice
4.1 Methods
4.2 Evaluation
4.3 Case studies
4.4 Examples from countries
5. References
6. Bibliography
Annex 1. Nutrition education in schools in western Europe
Annex 2. The Curriculum framework: detailed objectives or learning outcomes of the taught curriculum
Annex 3. Tables
Annex 4. Guidelines for policy-makers
Annex 5. Contact addresses